European Athletics gives 5 Stars to Plitvice Marathon!

by coins

We are thrilled to announce that Croatian oldest and greenest race, Plitvice Marathon, received 5-Star certificate from European Athletics! EA’s initiative Running for all has a goal to support runners and race organisers across Europe by introducing unique race standards. These standards are based primarily on quality and safety of the races. To achieve it’s certificate, every race is assessed on a total of 54 categories concerning organisation, measurements, number of participants, results, safety etc. When setting these standards, European Athletics commission consults runners as well as race organisers, in order to ensure legitimacy and credibility. The main purpose of Running for all  certificate is to give runners plausible information about their next racing destination. Plitvice Marathon proudly received top 5-Star certificate, which guarantees a comprehensive level of safety, security and high quality.

For more information visit this site. We are looking forward to see you at 33rd Plitvice Marathon!

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