35th Plitvice Marathon – Half marathon 21K

The Plitvice Lakes National Park Half marathon is a road running race in total length of 21.098 m. The race consists of one lap and is officially measured by the Croatian Athletics Federation. Both start and finish are at the same point with a control checkpoint on the 12th kilometer.

The competitors in the half marathon will start alongside the marathon competitors. The half marathon racetrack divides from the marathon track just after the 15th kilometer. There are judges and officials at the point to avoid confusion and the signs are clear and visible.

All healthy competitors can participate in the race and they all run at their own risk. By registering for the race the competitor gives up the possibility of transferring responsibility to the organizer of the race and confirms their health status and competence to finish the race. The organizer provides medical care in accordance with the rules of the road race organization.

All competitors of the half marathon race must be 16 years old on the day of the race.

  • Track distance: 21.098 m (21 km)
  • Race start: Sunday, November 15th 2019, 9:00 am in Mukinje, in front of the sports hall ŠRC Mukinje.
  • Time limit: 6:00 h (8:32 min/km)
  • Early bird (12/10/2019. – 01/15/2020.): 150,00kn (20,00€)
  • Regular (1/16/2020. – 4/10/2020.): 200,00kn (27,00€)
  • Last minute (4/11/2020. – 5/20/2020.): 250,00kn (33,50€)
  • Payment Information: 
    • Atletski klub Plitvice
    • Mukinje 31, 53231 Plitvička Jezera
    • OIB: 19220540764
    • IBAN: HR1123400091110866438
    • Bank/Swift Code: PBZGHR2X
    • Purpose of payment: Payment for registration fee – name and surname of the payer (in case of payment for multiple competitors, please provide all names of the competitors)
WS (female competitors born 1999. – 1985.)MS (competitors born 1999. – 1985.)
Junior (2000. and younger)Junior ( 2000. and younger)
W35 (1984. – 1975.)M35 (1984. – 1975.)
W45 (1974. – 1965.)M45 (1974. – 1965.)
W55 (1964. – 1955.)M55 (1964. – 1955.)
W65 (1954. or older)M65 (1954. or older)


The start packages for the half marathon will minimally contain:

  • Entry to the Plitvice Lakes national park
  • Dri fit sports shirt with the race logo
  • Sports shoe bag with race logo
  • Pasta party
  • Post race meal
  • Energy gel or drink
  • Finishers medal