32. Plitvice Marathon – 5K race

The 5km race is a road running race with a total length of 5.000 meters. The race consists of one lap 5km long. Both start and finish are at the same spot. The checkpoint is located at the furthest point between the second and third kilometer which is also the turning point.

All competitors must be at least 12 years old on the day of the race. Competitors that are younger than 12 may compete with their parents consent and an approval of a sports medicine doctor.

The time limit for the race is 60 minutes (12:00 min/km).

All rules and responsibilities for the marathon and half marathon apply.

  • Track distance: 5.000 m (5 km)
  • Race start: June 3rd 2017 at 5:30pm, in Mukinje in front of ŠRC Mukinje sports hall.
  • Time limit: 60 min (12 min/km)
  • Early bird (1/13/2017. – 2/10/2017.): 100,00kn (13,5€)
  • Regular (2/11/2017. – 4/15/2017.): 120,00kn (16,0€)
  • Last minute (4/16/2017. – 5/15/2017.): 120,00kn (16,0€)

5km start package will minimally contain:

  • Entry to the Plitvice lakes National park
  • Cotton T-shirt with race logo
  • Sports shoe bag with race logo
  • Pasta party