Ozren Rnjak – guest of honour with bib number 100!

by coins

We are delighted to share with you news that one of the best Croatian runners ever, Ozren Rnjak, chose 33rd Plitvice Marathon for his 100th official marathon run! Some of you, who know a little bit about marathons ran in 80-s and 90-s, might remember Rnjak. He ran his first marathon in 1982, in Kumrovec, and than it all began. He won many marathons during his running career, was Croatian champion several times, won Zagreb – Čazma ultramarathon twice. He ran his best marathon in Venice – 2:30;56. Despite injuries, Ozren is still an active runner. And this year he has a great wish – to run his 100th marathon! On 33rd Plitvice marathon he will be supported by more than 30 runners from his home-region Istra. So, when you see a man with race bib 100 somewhere on the race course, greet him with big applause!

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